Best Latte in Singapore

Not sure whether it is a general trend in Indonesia and Singapore at the moment. But, surely for the past one year I am quite into trying best coffees in Indonesia and Singapore. Well, perhaps “latte” is a more appropriate word than “coffee” as that is what I tried the most. Cut the long story short, following are some best lattes in Singapore based on my experiences, ordered from the one I like the most. As a side note, parameters that I usually observe are (including my preference): smell, taste not a fan of pure bitter), viscosity (a bit thick from start to end), cream amount (quite minimal), serving temperature (warm not hot), venue ambiance (relaxing).

Papa (Bukit Timah headquarter is now closed, considering the crowd of Chye Seng Huat Hardware, I feel Loysel’s Toy is better) (Jiak Chuan branch is the best)

Jimmy Monkey -

Strangers Reunion -

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